Wednesday, April 6, 2016

IA (Identity Awareness) can be a pain, here are some short notes that helps in the troubleshoting. Check the smartlog that there is full access between the AD DC and the FW Gateway as the DCE-RPC uses dynamic high ports to communicate.

## Debug PFP on
pdp d s all all

## Debug PDP Off
pdp debug off

# Check logfile
tail -f /$FWDIR/log/pdpd.elg

# Check if PDPD is running
ps aux -| grep pdpd

# Try to restart it by killing, it will autorestart
killall pdpd

# Verify connectivity to AD (LDAP and WMI) that runs over DCE-RPC. 
Solution Title: How to use test_ad_connectivity to troubleshoot AD Query connectivity.
Solution ID: sk100406
Solution Link:

# Check pdp
pdp connections pep

# check pep
pep s pdp a

# View and control the AD Query (ADQ) status.
adlog a dc - Displays a table specifying which Domain Controllers this Security Gateway is connected to, their connectivity status and the number of events fetched in the last hour

adlog a query all - (or 'adlog a q a' for short) - Displays all of the identity information currently known by AD Query (ADQ)
If this shows error kill the pdpd and verify that it restarts. see above

adlog a query ip - (or 'adlog a q i' for short) - Displays the information currently known for

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