About this page...

... and the history of this domain. It started as an inside joke, which we had tired of the quality and lack of information in service tickets.

The URL to this domain is freely translated similar to http://are.you.stupid.com

One day I said something like:
-"I wish I had a URL to cdon.com for an e-book with 'DNS for Dummies' that I could send, and the URL should be http://are.you.stupid.com"

Then we all laughed.

This thought got stuck in my head and that week I noticed a real discount for .se domains, so I bought it. I realized I needed to point it somewhere and after several lame attempts I found blogger.com as part of my google account, and here we are.

I never had the intention to do anything serious, but hey, a man can change his mind, right?

And for those of you who have read my first post 'in your head' might recognize it, to you I'd like to say:
-Good taste for music

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