Thursday, February 4, 2016

Deleting the ProxySG 'main' Access Log

Blue Coat SG810 Series#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL-Z.
Blue Coat SG810 Series#(config)access-log
Blue Coat SG810 Series#(config access-log)edit log main
Blue Coat SG810 Series#(config log main)commands delete-log
Blue Coat SG810 Series#(config log main)

Blue Coat SG810 Series#show access-log statistics main
Access Log (main) Statistics:
Log Manager Version 3
Log entry lifetime counter:     38029489
System Status:
  Log manager:                  enabled and running
  Upload client:                not connected
  Log writer:                   idle
  Log reader:                   idle
Log Information:
  Current log size:             0 bytes
  Maximum log size:             20000 MB
  Max size policy:              stop logging
  Bytes in write buffer :       184
  Tail sockets in use :         0
  Modified time:                2010-05-25 10:29:48+08:00MYT
Next Upload:
  Client type:                  bluecoat
  Next attempt:                 21 seconds
  Connect type:                 continuous upload
  Connect reason:               regular upload
  Retrying, failure count:      1
  Upload format:                gzip
Last Upload Attempt:
  Time:                         2010-05-25 10:29:48+08:00MYT
  Maximum bandwidth:            0.82 KB/sec
  Result:                       failure
Current/Last Upload File:
  Remote filename:              Not Applicable
  Remote size:                  0 bytes
Blue Coat SG810 Series#

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