Manzana 4 Lago Jardin 1

 Here we will summarise the outcome from meeting minutes and share information for Manzana 4.


2023-05-09 AGM for Lago Jardin 1

# Approval of the accounts

# Approval of the budget

# Renewal of the Board and administrator
-President:  M3
-Vice President: M5

# Pending fees for M1 & M2 to the MC.

# Work to be done
-build and install a dressing room at the pool area.

-Decide to have a Defibrillator to rent or to buy one.

-New map sign for the area.
--Approved to get quote.

# Repair or remove the main gates.
The City Council requested that we repair the pillars at the entrance and, if applicable, 
the door. Options are being discussed, such as moving the letters and removing the 

# Approve the payment plan for Suma
Currently, SUMA is seizing the rent that the bar pays to the Main-community 
for previous unpaid debt. 
It is approved that this embargo remains until the total payment of the debt.

# Other
-PATHWAY. The contractor for the work of the stone corridor in front of Block 
5 to the Bar must be held responsible.

-ROAD. The City Council says that they are waiting for compaction tests on the 
road between the M5 and CT, and it will be ready in these two months. 


Short content summary for the last president meeting for Main Community LG1.

# Approval of the quote for repair of 2 walls at the bottom of the communal areas garden.

# Approval of new urbanisation plan sign
--Approved the position and a design of the sign.

# Approval of quote for building new wall and erecting old LJ sign Carlos.

# Approval of quote from architect for plans for new pool pumphouse.
--Added to ask for quote for longterm repairs of the pool tails and the protecting sealing behind.

# Update on the proposed repairs of the MC exit gates.
--Denied for this year due to limited budget, instead of repairs we will next year get quotes for replacing them as they are in bad condition.

# Pathway from the bar leading to the pipican.
--Agreed to send claim to the contractor that did a poor job.

# Possibility for Speed bumps in the area to reduce traffic.

## Extra
Previously discussions with City Town Hall about the side walks, Street lamps and disability adjustments like Parking spaces.
-We have now sent a special request to Town Hall for a disability car parking in M4.


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